Monday, November 17, 2014

Space – the final frontier. Without concerning yourself too much about the amount of room the crew of the Starship Enterprise had to stow their clothes and shoes, you probably know that in your home one of the greatest needs is to find enough space to put all your garments and shoes.
If you're really interested in fashion you'll be regularly scouring the top magazines and heading out to shops and boutiques to pick up some of those beautiful luxury items that you love. When you're buying at the expensive end of the market you'll want to look after your special shoes and clothes as well as you can. If space to store everything really is a problem in your home, there are ways round it to help preserve your precious fashion items in good condition and save space along the way.

Create extra space from the start

It's very easy for a closet that's meant to be for garments and shoes to get cluttered up with other items. Maybe you needed somewhere to store those pictures you've always been meaning to hang, or you've shoved some boxes of tax returns and old bills in there. Put them somewhere else (hang those pictures, use high kitchen shelving that you don't really use for anything else to put those financial records in). There, you've already created more space! Now, think about everything that's left and what you will be adding in the future. How often do you wear particular clothes or shoes? You need to focus on what is and isn't essential. If there are items you haven't worn for a long time and are unlikely to make a reappearance, let them go and create more room for what you will wear and what you will add to your fashion collection.
Be imaginative with your closet

Your closet is simply a storage space, and it's up to you to make the most of it. Hanging space is essential for those special clothes, and if you have a tall closet then organize your hangers at a height that allows shelving both at the top and the bottom of the closet. If you have good width you can put rails on two sides and leave space for a shelving unit in the middle.
Drawers are also an excellent way to keep items that don't need to go on hangers neatly and safely stored. You can label them so that you know exactly where to find what you want when you want. Planning your closet space carefully means you'll be able to fit in far more than you could have imagined.

What about the shoes?

If you can add a shoe rack into the bottom of your closet you've the perfect storage option. It's best if you put shoes that you wear regularly onto the rack. Others can be stored in boxes, perhaps in another room, until needed. Take a photograph of each pair stored like this and paste the image onto the box – it'll save you a lot of time in the future!